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There are billions of Dollars being spent and earned on the Internet. So You Must be Asking Yourself....


" So Where is My Share!! "


So Are You the owner of a Word Press Blog and having a hard time making money from the traffic on your website?

Or perhaps you are a Clickbank Affiliate and you would like to make the process of setting up your campaigns and earning commissions more efficient profitable

If you are new to Clickbank, you need to research how to become a Clickbank Affiliate because you need to become an Affiliate in order to get paid for promoting digital products in the clickbank marketplace. And yes Its totally free!

Clickbank is probably the biggest online marketplace for selling digital products, and their payouts to their members is measured in Billions not Millions of dollars.

So to put it in a nutshell, there is allot of money to be made on Clickbank, and its time for you to get your share.

So What Are the Steps You Need to Take?

Its no secret that websites that have engaging and meaningful content , are most loved by people and Internet Search Engines.

And once you have visitors who are interested in your content and come to trust you, it is easy to recommend products in your niche to them which some of them will eventually purchase.

Having a WordPress blog is one of the easiest ways to get setup and have your content out there, and one of the most visually engaging ways to promote an affiliate offer is using banner ads like the examples shown on our blog page.

The Challenge is that with thousands of Clickbank products available there are so many decisions to be made and issues to be addressed:

  • Which Clickbank product should I promote?

  • Should I promote one or more products in my niche?

  • How do I know which Banner will be most effective?

  • If my Blog has many pages and posts, how can I ensure that the Clickbank offer on each page matches the content?

  • How can I keep track of my customers and

  • How do I know if my campaign is even working properly


All of these are valid issues that need to be addressed, in order to ensure you make the most money from your site.

But there is Another Major Hurdle!

If a potential customer does not immediately make a purchase, you loose contact with that person forever.

The reality is that when someone visits your blog, they are not really doing so to buy something, so if you simply direct your visitors to the clickbank product sales page, you are unlikely to get any more than a fraction of a percent of them making a purchase.

Instead, smart marketers know that the way to make sales is to follow up on any interest over a period of days, weeks or even longer, and this dramatically improves your ability to convert a visitor to a sale.

Sometimes itís may be that your visitor was interested but the timing was just not right. Or he simply needed more time to think it over.

Actually the conversion rate has been shown to increases by 700% by using this follow up method.

So the key is to get your visitor to give you their email address and then follow up with them and make the sale over time.

And this is for just one product!

So could you imagine having your blog with multiple Clickbank offers and you having to create and implement a follow-up email campaign for each one? And all this before you even know how well your efforts will be rewarded.

The prospect can be quite daunting, right.

No wonder so many fail to make any decent money online.

However There is a Solution That Will Automate this Entire Process for You!


Introducing ClickBank Funnel  (CBFunnel)

Here is What It Will Do For You

  • Detects the title of your blog post or page and selects the Clickbank offer that closely matches your content

  • Displays the most appropriate Banner Ad, in the format and location you choose.

  • Automatically inserts your Clickbank ID so that you receive commissions for immediate sales that are made

  • Displays Clickbank Banner Ads with the highest conversion rate first

  • Makes your customers a tempting free offer once they click on your banner, and captures their email address

  • Provides you with realtime reports showing you which Clickbank Offers  are bring you the most email Optins or conversions

  • Follows up each of your leads with a customized email campaign

  • Automatically inserts your Clickbank ID in all follow up email messages, so you get the commissions, even if a sale is made, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year later.


Also Done For You

  • Extensive Ongoing Development of the Plugin Software

  • Management and hosting of databases to serve the banners and ads

  • Management of users and their profiles

  • Management of Clickbank offers made to each customer

  • Hosting of Optin Lists by Email Service Provider

  • Ensuring that Clickbank data is kept up to date

  • Tracking the Performance of Banner Ads and Products


All You Need to do is Collect the Commissions!

Download Plugin Now




The CBFunnel package is absolutely FREE, so download and test drive CBFunnel and start earning commissions today.


Crispin Thomas

Go to the CBFunnel Download Page Here.

Once it has been activated, you will be able to configure it in the Settings Menu.



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